Kairos therapy for emotional and physical healing

Combining the ancient tradition of hands-on healing with modern biofield theory for physical and emotional healing

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Laura Bachman, MA, CKT, CSP

Therapist & Sandplay Practitioner, based in San Anselmo, California, USA

Laura Bachman


T: 415-457-4419
E: laura@laurabachman.net
W: www.laurabachman.net


My own Kairos journey began with a yearning for deeper healing than I had found through talk therapy alone. Within the safety of the Kairos space, I was able to connect with my body in a profoundly loving way and to trust its wisdom. Over time, the quiet power of Kairos has helped me heal anxiety, self-doubt, and an eating disorder resulting from trauma experienced at birth.

I bring to Kairos a background in clinical psychology and experience with a wide variety of healing modalities, among them Sandplay Therapy, Jungian Analysis, 12 step recovery, shamanic journeying with plant medicines, dream work, and Tarot.

I have been offering Kairos along with Sandplay Therapy and Tarot since 2004, and my appreciation for the complementary nature of these modalities has only grown. These are some comments from clients:

  • Kairos …felt like unraveling of layers of energy, tissue, memories…down to this thrumming core of life. At rest and peace. [In Sandplay] I loved the scene I came up with and loved sharing it/talking about it after…Laura brings a wealth of love, wisdom, patience, and skill to the work she offers.
  • [Sandplay and Kairos provide] a deep, existential, transformative experience. This is an amazing journey into the Self. Kairos [is] like a loving mother putting her child down for a nap with all the care the child needs and deserves. The Sandplay [awakens] my child within. She [feels] free to express herself without judgment or inhibition.
  • My…Tarot reading with Laura brought up a tremendous amount of tears because [after Kairos] my creativity was finally flowing…Laura has been a strong guide for me to go in the direction my inner being wants to go.
  • During Kairos whatever was blocking my energy evaporated, diffused, moved on… I experienced a significant shift in my interior world which manifested in my exterior world in a way that was truly miraculous. [The next day] I was simply moving through an assortment of tasks I had procrastinated over…As I completed one thing and moved to the next and the next…there persisted this feeling of ease, sufficiency and contentment. I am grateful to [Laura] and to the Kairos work she facilitates because I have been able to reconnect with myself in the depths which allows me to continue with the life I feel called to.

I particularly enjoy working with women who are themselves in the healing professions. The areas in which I feel most able to help clients, given my personal history and experience are: difficulties with food, including eating disorders, early childhood trauma, life transitions, relationships, anxiety, and family mental illness.

The website for my healing practice can be found here>.  I look forward to hearing from you.