Kairos therapy for emotional and physical healing

Combining the ancient tradition of hands-on healing with modern biofield theory for physical and emotional healing

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Susanne Lin Jensen

Therapist, Instructor and Mentor, based in Glasgow

Susanne Lin Jensen


T: 07979860754
E: info@kairostherapy.com
W: www.taijiandtherapies.co.uk, www.dragonspringtaiji.co.uk


I have been working with energy based healing and practising as a Kairos therapist since 1995. I also deliver Kairos training and offer mentor support to interns.

I usually see people for one hour session once a week over a number of weeks. I will also work with a client doing intensives, a series of sessions over a few days. Kairos therapy helps to open up and release tension and traumas, having an intensive at the right time can really help to move things through.

I also teach Taiji classes in Glasgow with Dragon Spring Taiji School. Taiji as an exercise form gives a way to good level of fitness and wellbeing to people who practise it.