Kairos therapy for emotional and physical healing

Combining the ancient tradition of hands-on healing with modern biofield theory for physical and emotional healing

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Maureen Maloney-Faherty

Therapist, Instructor and Mentor based in Galway and Connemara, Ireland

Maureen Maloney-Faherty


E: maureenmf@eircom.net
T: 0872808572


Qualifications: Bachelors Degree in Psychology, 2 years Post Graduate in Psychology at Sonoma State University, California. Certified in Massage Therapy from National Holistic Institute, California. Senior Instructor, Mentor and Certified Therapist in Kairos Therapy.

Biography: I studied Shen Therapy with Richard Pavek in California in 1983 before returning to Ireland. I then became a Shen Instructor. I was with Shen until the organisation split. We regrouped into Kairos Therapy. I was one of the Founders of the International Association of Kairos Therapy and have been in Private Practice for over 36 years. I have been teaching Massage and Kairos Therapy Practitioners for 32 years.

I brought Energy Healing to the West Ireland in 1984 and I have been training Practitioners ever since in Galway and Mayo. Co-Founder of Connemara College of Natural Healing, formally known as American Holistic Institute of Ireland. I still thoroughly enjoy teaching new students each year. I also have a private practice in Kairos in Galway and Connemara with my husband, Jimmy Faherty, where we do Intensives with Clients and Students in a healing environment overlooking the sea.