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Kairos Therapy
Kairos Therapy
Kairos Therapy
Kairos Therapy
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Combining the ancient tradition of hands-on healing with modern biofield theory for physical and emotional healing

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what I wasn't prepared for was just how different I would feel.

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About Kairos Therapy

Kairos therapy, is a form of 'energy healing', or 'laying on of hands', which is one of the oldest forms of healing known to mankind. Kairos therapists use the energy between their hands to bring about relaxation of both body and mind. With carefully placed hands, therapists can target and release deep layers of blocked emotion, and trauma, allowing them to surface and leave the body. Working in this way with a Kairos therapist, it is possible to reach a place of peaceful acceptance, allowing us to move forward with purpose.

How Kairos works

In Kairos, we use the natural Chi flow between our hands and work with it in specific directions and patterns to allow physical and emotional healing to take place. 'Chi' is the Chinese word for vital energy, a quality that Chinese medicine has long recognised as the life-force that flows through us, and which has a crucial role to play in our good health and well being. By combining the therapist's chi flow with your own, deep relaxation can occur allowing blockages to release, and trapped feelings to emerge and leave the body.

Kairos is safe and gentle, and is has been used beneficially on babies, children, adolescents, adults, the elderly and during pregnancy. Kairos has also been used with great effect on clients who are mentally or physically handicapped, the terminally ill and people who are unable to speak.

Kairos can generally work for everyone, regardless of age, gender or medical status, however your Kairos therapist will ask you for details of medical history and will then discuss the way in which Kairos can benefit your particular situation. With long term stress, physical conditions can develop in all of us. This can lead to a range of conditions, from muscle aches and an upset stomach, to migraine and depression. As Kairos therapy works to relieve tension, many of these conditions can be resolved. Suppressed and painful emotions (perhaps from childhood) are detrimental to us in many ways, and when they are released we are able to cope with life and feel positive again.

Kairos therapy works well with many emotional and physical issues.

You will find that working with a Kairos therapist will help you to relax and be more comfortable with yourself. You may find yourself more able to speak up, make decisions more easily and cultivate healthier relationships. The aim is to allow you to live more easily in the present time rather than being held back by past events.

A Kairos therapy session will always start with a short discussion, then your therapist will settle you into a comfortable cradle before placing their hands lightly on your fully clothed body. The environment will be warm, safe and calm, and will contribute to a feeling of wellness as your therapist gently begins your treatment. Individuals will experience and respond to Kairos therapy in different ways, and there is no right or wrong response. During a Kairos session you'll close your eyes and let your attention rest in your body. You may become acutely aware of sensations and feelings. From time to time your therapist will move to work on a different location on your body.

You will be encouraged to share your experience afterwards with your therapist - how much you wish to divulge is entirely up to you. As each session is unique, you may never experience the same sensations from one session to the next.

Although Kairos therapy can be experienced in a single session, it is best to consider a series of sessions in order to really benefit.

In Kairos therapy, we believe that blocked emotions tend to be held in specific areas of the body. We will therefore work in all those places where we believe that they are held.

Kairos can be effective in reducing and coping with chronic pain, and is especially effective if your pain has an emotional origin.

Kairos therapy can help to speed the healing of fractures, and aid recovery after surgery. It has been used for effective pain relief after the trauma of burns, and can support people experiencing infertility problems.

Kairos therapy can help with a wide spectrum of disorders. Some examples include:

  • recovery from abuse of all kinds
  • PMT
  • Irritable bowel
  • Migraine
  • Pain of bereavement
  • Trauma of seperation and divorce
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Phobias
  • Panic attacks
  • Recovery from trauma
  • Blocked sexual feelings
  • Eating disorders
  • Chronic pain

Please note that the above list represents only some of the conditions Kairos can improve. Please speak with your individual Kairos therapist about your individual requirements.